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Bamyan Valley

Two Montana do-gooders teach villagers in a remote Afghan valley to ski, make ski equipment, and profit from ecotourism.

Springtime Splendor in Yosemite

As the winter snows thaw, visitors flock to the popular national park to see frazil ice, moonbows and other seasonal sights.

Queen of the Highlands

Could I find the Albania that inspired a brave British woman more than 100 years ago?

A Short Walk in the Afghan Countryside

On their way to a park built in the shadow of Bamiyan’s Buddhas, two Americans encounter remnants of war and signs of promise.

Herby Ohio

A man with a mission, with the help of a few friends, turns a 2,000–acre patchwork of forest into a home for herbs—herbs different than the smoking kind raised by neighbors.

Fashion in Kabul

Behind the locked–down walls of Afghanistan's capital Kabul, a designer addresses women joined in the name of fashion, combining traditional Afghan motifs with modern flair in the land of the burka.

Lives: Watching TV in Kabul

Turning to look in a different direction after a month in Afghanistan.

A Tour of France's Cave Homes

In Franceís Loire Valley, domesticated cave dwellings, known as troglodyte homes, offer a history as rich as the regionís chateaus.

Afghanistan's Shangri-La

The Wakhan is Afghanistan’s Shangri-La, far from the guns and bombs that plague much of the country - an area so starkly beautiful that people in the cities sigh with longing when they hear its name.

Feast In Kabul

A gracious and venerably lined great-grandmother in a sequined gown pushed the plate of snacks at me. It was a small white dish, the only evidence of the wedding feast to come. A crowd of children eyed its passage across the table disconsolately.

Golf Is Great

The writer plays her first-ever round of golf at Afghanistan’s embattled country club, restored to a bit of its pre-war glory.