Book talk and signing

In her latest book, The Soil Will Save Us, Kristin Ohlson lays out a thesis that farmers and climate researchers have been talking about for decades--that a change in farming and forestry techniques could collect and hold enough carbon in the ground to not only mitigate but reverse global warming.

More Than Dirt

Science is showing how healthy soil can help save the planet—and how we can all help improve what lies beneath our feet.

Climate Day Film Screening: Kiss the Ground and panel discussion

Attend a sneak preview of select scenes from the upcoming documentary, Kiss The Ground. This film is scheduled to hit theaters in 2018 and is the first of its kind to provide a clear solution to climate change through food choices. Based on a forthcoming book with the same title, Kiss the Ground, this film will focus on Regenerative Agriculture and the heroes on the front lines of this new agricultural and food revolution.

U.S. Senate Briefing - How to Feed the World and Cool the Planet: Soil Is the Solution

Hope for the future depends on reversing three disturbing trends: unprecedented concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, skyrocketing rates of diet-related chronic disease, and rapidly diminishing natural resources, especially water. These problems have one thing in common: They can't be solved without soil. We might take dirt for granted, but we can't do much without it. In this briefing, experts will explain how our ability to feed the world and cool the planet depends on how we care for the soil.

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